9. Mar

Agenda 2030 – the Nordic Way

Aika: Perjantai 9. maaliskuuta
Paikka: Sibeliussali, Suomen instituutti, Snickarbacken 4, Tukholma
Ilmoittautuminen: Seminaari on ilmainen, mutta vaatii ennakkoilmoittautumisen.
Tiedustelut: Jaana Vikman, seminaarivastaava, jaana.vikman@finlandsinstitutet.se, 070-180 30 63
Tapahtuma on englanninkielinen.

Agenda 2030 the Nordic Way –  Time to empower the next generation!
Will the young Nordics’ passion, energy, knowledge and innovation capacity bring about a strong Nordic partnership for sustainable future. We welcome you to explore the Nordic ways of involving young future shapers in the process realizing the 2030 Agenda.

“Children and youth associations should be actively involved in the Generation 2030 programme, engaging a new generation of Nordic citizens working for sustainable development at home and in collaboration with youth abroad. The voice of children and youth could become stronger by working cooperatively on a Nordic level rather than working separately at the national level.” NMR Generation 2030

The program will be published shortly.