15 okt

Sweden&Finland vs. The World

Time: Monday, October 15th, 2018, at 13:00-17:00
Place: Finlandsinstitutet, Sibeliussalen, Snickarbacken 4, Stockholm
The seminar is free of charge but registration is required. Registration here
Hosts: Finlandsinstitutet, Swedish Games Industry, Neogames- Hub of the Finnish Game Industry and Kulturfonden Sverige–Finland.
Contact: Jaana Vikman, jaana.vikman@finlandsinstitutet.se, 072- 180 30 63
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Endless opportunities in the Finnish and Swedish games industry


Welcome to an inspirational and informative event to put shine on the seemingly endless opportunities in the Finnish and Swedish games industry, for a stronger bilateral cooperation in commerce, cultural and educational policies.


Both the Swedish and Finnish games industry is growing rapidly and has world players in many domains. More than every 10th person on the planet has played a Swedish game. The Swedish Games industry has a turnover of over 1,4 Billion EUR – as big as the steel export. Meanwhile, we have challenges to find skillful labor. There were over 1000 new people hired in 2017 alone, and there is still a shortage in 3D Game Graphics, Game Animators, Programmers, Effect artists etc. It’s an industry of constant transformation, where women are starting to take on more, and both the need and strive for diversity is strong. Approx. half of all players are women, and there are for example more women over 35 playing games than boys below 18.


The Swedish and Finnish games industry has a tightly knit relationship. How can official policy in Sweden and Finland help strengthen and develop a growing industry and a blooming new culture? How can the educational sector help meet the needs for talent and research? And what drives the change in game culture? This conference will follow up the results from ”Invest in Games” and will ramp up to the upcoming Sweden Game Conference: Games & Politics.



13:00 Welcome! Anders Eriksson Finlandsinstitutet; Chris Heister Kulturfonden Sverige –Finland; Moderator: Per Strömbeck, Swedish Game Industry

13:10 Inspirational keynote by Patrick Bach, Ubisoft Massive

13:30 Opportunities in the Games Industry – new possibilities and challenges  for Finland & Sweden – Johanna Nylander, Swedish Games industry; Jari-Pekka Kaleva, Neogames

13:50 Sweden&Finland vs. The World – how can bilateral cooperation strengthen our games industry? Lauri Rosendahl, CEO Nasdaq Stockholm; Lars Hjälmered, Chair, Committee on Industry and Trade, the Swedish Parliament, KooPee Hiltunen, CEO Neogames

14:35 Trailer: The latest of the games industry

14:45 Coffee break

15:00 We shape the world! – A borderless labor market with creativity in focus. Game creators, artistic development and the role of education. Ann-Sofie Sydow, The Game Assembly. Panel: Antti Ilma, Saaranen/Gamepro; Magnus Ling, Senior Vice President, Sweden Game Arena

15:45 Game culture – The gamer universe is changing, but what are the driving forces? Intro and panel: Kim Aava, Chairperson Diversi; Lillie Kleefelt Female Legends; Sonja Ängeslevä NeoGames; Benny Marcel, director Nordisk Kulturfond

16:20 Final remarks and Q&A 

16:45 Wrap up: Mingle and Networking